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Welcome to Kennel La Spitz Magnifique a breeding of kleinspitz. 



The kennel is owned by us - Nana and Michael. We are a couple from Bøstrup, Denmark.

In 2013 we bought our first pet kleinspitz, "Atti", but quickly we became hooked on dogshow-competitions and other dogsports. We have grown our kennel throughout the years.

In the beginning of 2015 I (Nana) took the "Danish Kennel Clubs breeder education". Our goal is to breed healthy kleinspitz puppies, which are according to the FCI standards, the DKK's and the SPK's recommendations. We mostly breed for our own needs, which means that we do not have puppies very often.


We are members of the DKK - Danish Kennel Club and the SPK - Spitz Dog Club ( and previously members of the DCH - Danish Civil Doghandler-association (obidience, agility sports and rally-obidience))



By the year of 2017 Nana became the breed representative.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Nana Borup and Michael Lund


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